VyStar online, mobile banking outage continues; customers outraged

VyStar Credit Union on Monday went into its second week with an unavailable online and mobile banking platform. 

VyStar began a scheduled outage to convert to a new system May 13 but ran into problems, said a VyStar spokesperson. The outage was supposed to last about two days but entered its 11th day of being unavailable on Tuesday.

VyStar denied the possibility of the outage being the result of a cyber attack, though some customers expressed concern and frustration over what’s going on.

“All funds and personal data remain safe and secure in our core system,” VyStar reiterated.

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‘Not the result of a cyber attack’:VyStar denies cyber attack theories as customers react on social media to ongoing outage

The outages were caused by “several issues during the conversion process,” and VyStar took the online and mobile banking platform offline “to investigate and find a resolution as quickly as possible.”

Still, many customers on social media have said they will no longer be VyStar customers when the mobile and online banking platform goes back up.

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