Vitesco’s newest e-axle to power Hyundai’s Class B and C EVs – Charged EVs

Electric powertrain supplier Vitesco Technologies has received a 2-billion-euro order for its new e-axle from Hyundai, which plans to use it in its forthcoming B and C segment EVs beginning in 2024.

The EMR4 is the fourth generation of the Electronics Motor Reducer e-axle product line. The 3-in-1 unit is composed of a motor, power electronics and a gearbox. The 400 V, 160 kW unit also has SiC semiconductors in the inverter. The company says, “With the EMR4, complete vehicle platforms and also different vehicle segments can be equipped with just one drive system.”

“For our new electric axle drive, we have standardized the internal interfaces, while generating the greatest possible flexibility externally, so that we can offer customized and at the same time cost-optimized solutions,” said Thomas Stierle head of Vitesco’s Electrification Technology Business Unit.

Source: Vitesco Technologies

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