(Video) Owner Of The Honey Pot Says The Company “Has Not Been Sold” & More Communication Should’ve Been Given To Customers

Whew! Twitter was in shambles this past weekend when a rumor that the Honey Pot had been sold started to circulate online amid people noticing new ingredients added to products. Owner & CEO of the Black owned company, Beatrice Dixon, posted a video to clear up misconceptions.

In the nearly 15-minute clip and reading from a hand-written note, Dixon made it clear that she still owns the company. Dixon also stated that the formula of the popular washes did change but they’re “more effective” and still “plant derived.”

In part, she stated:

The Honey Pot has not been sold. I wanna say it one more time: The Honey Pot has not been sold; it is all a lie and rumor. I remain the owner, CEO and Chief Innovation Officer, period. Any other discussion is simply not true.


Dixon went on to say that “transparency and communication” has always been their promise to customers. She also confirmed the company has “evolved” their washes, but they are still “plant derived, PH balanced and backed by science.”

Due to global supply change shortages, the launch of the new wash was released sooner than expected and Honey Pot “didn’t do enough to communicate,” Dixon explained.  Assuring the new formula is “safe, beautiful and even more effective,” she stated the company should’ve “communicated more directly with our humans.”

Dixon also stated that experts will be able to answer questions that customers may have about the change.  She also stated the company will also provide eduction around the new formula.

Roomies, what do you think about this?

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