(Video) District Attorney Of Fulton County Addresses Using Social Media & Music To Secure Young Thug’s Indictment & Says Many Defendants Are Facing Life In Prison

The District Attorney of Fulton County, Atlanta Police, and Fulton County sheriff held a press conference on Tuesday about Young Thug’s indictment. 

During the almost 15-minute press conference, authorities addressed social media being used as a tool to prosecute criminals, Freedom of Speech, and more.

Here are four main takeaways: 

Addressing song lyrics used to indict Young Thug:

Prosecutors list several of Young Thug’s lyrics in the indictment against him. When asked about the First Amendment, District Attorney Fani Willis stated:

I knew that question was coming. I believe in the first amendment. It’s one of our precious rights. However, the first amendment doesn’t protect people from prosecutors using it as evidence, if it is such.

YFN Lucci and Young Thug are being held at the Fulton County Jail:

In the indictment, prosecutors allege that Young Thug’s associates got permission from him to make a second attempt to kill YFN Lucci while he’s in jail. If you recall, Lucci was stabbed back in February.

I won’t step outside of my lane. I am the District Attorney of Fulton County; I am not the sheriff. I have great confidence in the sheriff. He knew this was coming as a law enforcement partner.

She continued to say:

I believe that he is well prepared, but you have to speak to him to make sure everyone is safe.

Social Media used to secure charges:

Several social media posts were listed in the indictment. Willis was asked how important social media were in this indictment.

Social media is a wonderful tool for prosecutors in every indictment we bring nowadays.

Seeking maximum penalty for alleged crimes committed:

There are obviously many people who are looking at life under this indictment.

While speaking about the indictment, a reporter asked why Jack Harlow’s name wasn’t included in the indictment.

Willis stated she told her team to “not be sexy or overreach.” In doing so, ” 28 defendants were indicted for the crimes that I believe were appropriate.”

Roomies, what do you think of this situation.

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