Video: detailed analysis of Ferrari’s first real evolutionary step for F1-75 car

The first real evolutionary step in the aerodynamics of the Ferrari F1-75 car will arrive for the Spanish Grand Prix, which takes place this weekend in Barcelona. The Maranello team has been working on these developments for two months now, after having collected a lot of data during the six days of winter pre-season testing.

The revised aerodynamics aims to permanently eliminate porpoising and increase downforce or even better, improve the aerodynamic efficiency of the 2022 single-seater.

The F1-75 is characterized by a natural deporting balance but a better distribution of the aerodynamic load is a factor that will improve the overall performance of the car, as explained by ChronoGP in this video.

The video is in Italian, you can use CC in English (or any preferred language) to read the translation of this great analysis:

—- see video above —

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