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Airlines in the UK have been going through a rough patch for the last couple of months as they battle with the problem of understaffing. The airlines in the country have been forced to cancel their flights on multiple occasions because of the shortage of staff. There has been a constant lack of an operable workforce which has disrupted flight schedules and caused numerous frustrated passengers to become stranded.

The Ongoing Scenario

UK’s most prominent airline British Airways made the decision to let go of the majority of its workforce at the height of the pandemic. But now the airline finds itself in a fix to rehire people as some people hold the fear of being made redundant again should another health or similar global crisis occur. This has resulted in British Airways cancelling a number of flights.

Similarly, the low-cost carrier EasyJet has also found itself struggling with the issue of a shortage of staff. The airline has lost more than £500 million which is about $724 million in the first half of this year and is expecting a boost in the coming summer holidays. However, the airline has had to cancel a lot of flights as it is finding it hard to rehire a crew and, in some cases, even retain them. The issue of staffing shortage has been occurring all around the world and it is up to the airlines to come up with better policies to hire back staff.

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