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8-4-22 – By Justin Verno – @JV_PITT on Twitter

OK, so the trade market is zooming along as I write this making it hard to really delve into. With just under 24 hours to go before Cinderalla’s carriage turns back into a pumpkin and the Deadline will be over. But the Buccos prospects will still be plugging away. Let’s get to it.

1-Oneil Cruz


2-Henry Davis


3-Liover Peguero


4-Quinn Priester-


5-Nick Gonzales-NO STATS THIS WEEK-


6-Endy Rodriguez


7-Matt Fraizer


8-Jared Jones


9-Bubba Chandler 


10-Ji-hwan Bae

BA/OBP/SLGOPSISOwOBAwWRC+BB%K%week.333/.385/.417 .801 .083 .362 119 7.7% 46.2%season.297/.364/.450.814.153.3611189.5%17.6%

11-Michael Burrows


12-Travis Swaggerty


13-Miguel Yajure


14-Anthony Solometo


15-Kyle Nicolas-NO STATS THIS WEEK-



16-Po-Yu Chen


17-Dariel Lopez


18- Hudson Head


19-Connor Scott


20-Lonnie White Jr


A Few quick thoughts-

Lookin good-

Po-Yu Chen got off to a rough start but has really hit his stride as of late. K rate is up and his walks are down. Kid is looking good!

Travis Swaggerty. It was a really nice week and he seems to have found his stride, again. Not at all unusual for a kid to press and get out of sync after an MLB stint. Swaggs looks to be back on track here.

Ji-hwan Bae, because what else is new.

Pitch in-

Quinn Priester continues to really come along. His K rate sits at 20% in AA, I’d like that to get better, but he looks pretty good getting outs when needs to even when doesn’t look dialed in.

Bubba Chandler, the wonderboy continues to impress. Chandler is more advanced on the mound than at the plate. And while his first start was rough he has made a quick adjustment and seems good to go. It’s not at all hyperbolic to say he’s as exciting a prospect as the Bucs have had. That he is raw due to being a two way player and multisport kid in highschool, is what held his scouting grades down a bit. He keeps shoving like this we will likely see a good adjustment to that and we will see it soon.

Michael Burows, as the Bucs continue to stretch and strengthen Burows arm he has really responded well in AAA. Outside of 2 starts he has looked good down at Indy. To start the year some sites still had question marks on his ability to stay in a rotation and I think he has answered those questions with flying colors!

Wonder twin powers, activate…

Endy Rodriguez and Dariel Lopez continue to impress. And I’m really not sure what else either of the two can prove in Greensboro? I get Endy is a catcher and catchers usually take a little longer and I will confess that I am not privy (obviously) to what the Bucs front office wants to see Endy work on as far as his defense goes.

But as far as their bats go? I think they are both ready for the next step. And you may ask, “is there nothing left for them to work on?” Of course there is. A close look at their HOME/AWAY splits shows an area they can both work on.


HOME- .297/.417/.587 OPS 1.004 12 HR

AWAY- .291/.347/.463 OPS .810 3 HR


HOME- .309/.349/.597 OPS .946 14 HR

AWAY- .259/.301/.385 OPS .685 4 HR

While Endy does show less pop on the road he still shows good power numbers, and an incredible slash line with almost no drop off on the road. This shows off his approach which is as good as we will see.

Dariel’s power and slash line both suffer on the road. But over his last 4 road trips he’ had a hit in 15 of 18 games, while his BA was just .256 over that stretch it does show a good approach at the plate, and at 20 years old that’s what I’m looking for. Get that approach right.

So yes, both could look to work on adding power while on the road but I think that’s an approach both can work on at the next level. It’s time, they’re ready for the next challenge in front of them.

Note- Oneil Cruz has graduated off the Fangraphs prospect page and Miguel Yajure fell out of the top list, so expect some changes next week!
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