Tony Ferguson reveals the “scary feeling not remembering anything” after KO loss to Michael Chandler at UFC 274

UFC lightweight Tony Ferguson revealed the “scary feeling not remembering anything” after his recent KO loss to Michael Chandler at UFC 274.

Ferguson was doing well in the first round against Chandler, but he was on the wrong end of a highlight-reel KO when Chandler landed a front kick and knocked Ferguson out cold early in the second. It’s the fourth loss in a row for Ferguson, the former interim UFC lightweight champion, and considering how devastating of a knockout it was, you have to wonder what could be next for him.

Nearly a week after suffering the brutal knockout loss, “El Cucuy” took to his social media to reveal what the knockout loss felt like. Check out below what Ferguson told his fans about the KO defeat.

“New Energy. Thanks Coach for takin’ the time to keep me active. Crew I took a big kick to the dome this past Saturday inside that Octagon… It put me out for a long time. It was a scary feeling not remembering anything from (the) beginning of (the) second round all the way until I walked up to the ambulance. I thank God EVERYDAY I made the trip back to reality. All jokes aside, I didn’t mean to scare you all, should have done things different like keep my hands up and chin down. My fault I lost, props to Chandler for the highlight real finish.  I have many things to work on, not just competing. One battle at a time. I’m not perfect by any means, but I’ll continue to strive for it in-n-out of the practice room (perfection: an unobtainable goal),” Ferguson wrote.

“Someone wise once told me ‘perfect practice makes perfect.’ There’s always more to learn and being coachable is big. I’m beyond grateful (sic) my movements are ok, my bones are intact and except for a slight headache in the mornings I’m glad to be back and doing what I love (light duty). I want to be better than yesterday for sure, not for anyone else but for me. Making good adjustments daily, and will continue to do so. Champ -XTA2- Hometeam. Thanks for being great, you’re the best crew a type of guy like me could ask for. Respect. Gonna watch my fight now for the first time. Cleared and ready to learn again.”

UFC president Dana White said following the devastating defeat that he would like to see Ferguson take a break from competing. It doesn’t sound like Ferguson will be retiring, but he will surely need to rest and recover from the vicious loss before he decides to step back into the Octagon.

What do you think is next for Tony Ferguson after getting knocked out cold by Michael Chandler at UFC 274?

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