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I was reminded recently how frustrating it is to go to a seminar or show, and the speaker starts talking about something and it grabs your interest, but rather than go in-depth with the material, they tell you to go buy their book or DVD in the lobby. When I was asked to come on board with the Disc Jockey News, I was given free rein to write about whatever. My first couple of articles shared my concerns and issues with our industry. Some people got the message, and I know that some people could care less to hear about the state of our profession. In my last article, I shared that we need to be focused on the coming year as business owners, especially with the current economy. So now I want to share some things that you need to do in order to have the best 2010 possible.
There is marketing and sales in any business, so which one is the more important? I suggest that it’s marketing since without a steady stream of qualified leads, who will you sell. If you are getting more leads than you can handle and you aren’t booking enough, it’s time for sales training, but my feeling is if you can generate enough leads, it all becomes a numbers game. For example, if you generate 10 leads a month and you can close 2 of them, then you are at 20% closing. Keeping the same closing rate of 20% if you have 100 leads a month now, you have booked 20 events. I don’t know your numbers (leads or closing percentage), but plug in your closing percentage, and you now know how many leads a month to work in order to hit your sales goals.
I’ve heard from other DJs that use various marketing techniques that work for them, but many of them haven’t worked for my company. We have had our best success through the internet, referrals, networking, and social networking. In the next series of articles, I’m going to do my best to offer suggestions that have worked for us; feel free to try them for yourselves or if you have a great idea that you would like to share, let me know, and I’ll include it in a future column.
So my first question is, “do you blog?” If you haven’t jumped on the blogging train, you are truly missing an incredible opportunity to grow your business. For those that don’t know, a blog is basically an online journal, you can write about literally whatever strikes your fancy, but for your business, it allows you to keep a running event journal. You can create a blog entry for each one of your events; it’s a great way for prospects to learn about your service. Our event blogs include 3 important elements, and I’ll go over each one independently.
First off, all of our blogs contain photos. Photos are eye-catching and add so much more interest to your blog than plain text. I suggest purchasing a digital camera and taking some photos at your events. You don’t have to be a great photographer. You just need to get a couple of photos of the décor, your setup, and some photos of people having fun (dancing photos are great).
Next, we create a video that showcases the event. Our videos might include our introduction or maybe some other events from the reception at a wedding reception. It certainly will include clips of people having a great time. This is a great way to show your clients what you do, and that is a huge advantage over your competitors that don’t have videos. Years ago, DJs would ask videographers to create a demo for them, but with video cameras so cheap now and every computer has a simple video editor, you can make your own promo videos for every event you do!
Finally, your blog should be keyword rich not only for the benefit of your prospect but also for search engines. Having a blog allows you to target many of the keyword searches that you currently covet for your websites. In essence, your blog becomes a mini website as far as the search engines are concerned. This is a creative way to target keywords that could get you listed as a spammer and cause your website to drop in rankings.
So there you have it, a great way to market you business for next to nothing. When the money starts rolling in, make sure to send me a royalty check!
Kelly Suit can be reached at [email protected]

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