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When you add a new Site to monitor in Calibre, we send a summary email with crucial page speed metrics and how you rank against our measurements dataset. To provide a more comprehensive picture of web performance, alongside Core Web Vitals, we added Time to First Byte to the email report:

Setting Cookies and Headers to either authenticate to your Sites or control the test environment has been in Calibre for some time (set via either the Test Agent or Test Profiles). Now, you can specify those settings while using Pull Request Reviews too:

1version: 2



4 - headers:

5 - name: X-Calibre-Test

6 value: Pull Request

7 - name: User-Agent

8 value: Calibre



11 - cookies:

12 - name: seen-cookie-notice

13 value: true

14 - name: uid

15 value: 1

16 domain: calibreapp.com

17 path: /

18 secure: true

19 httpOnly: true

This is especially useful if you’d like to set cookies and headers only for Pull Request Reviews tests (not inherited from Test Profiles settings). For example, you could set a header to signify that the test is for a Pull Request and should be safely routed to the staging infrastructure.

When adding cookies (either in Site → Settings → Test Profiles or Site → Settings → Test Agent) the labels conveying whether cookies are shared with document.cookie and HTTPS/SSL domains were not accurate. This has now been addressed.

When inspecting the test usage breakdown in the Usage section of Billing → Overview, the bar chart didn’t include Pull Request Reviews tests. Now, the chart accurately portrays Snapshots, API tests and Pull Request Reviews tests, so you can visualise how your allocation is used.

Our Test Agents are now using Lighthouse 9.5 and Chrome 99 to test your Sites.

We added an example configuration for Pull Request Reviews showing how to set cookies and headers in the config.yml file.

Karolina Szczur

Karolina is the Product Design Lead at Calibre. With years of design experience under her belt, she’s responsible for the comprehensive user experience spanning over product, visuals and content. Find her on Twitter or LinkedIn.

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