This $15 desk lamp doubles as a charging stand

You can keep your devices charged while you enjoy a good book. Try this lamp for the best and most efficient experience.

Image: Stack Commerce

Technology helps our lives in many ways. From helping us streamline business operations and organize data to making our daily errands easier, we’ve become completely reliant on technology for so much. But sometimes, you forget that some of the best creature comforts are the most basic. Like having the right lighting for an evening of reading. Or having a charger handy to give your phone a quick battery boost.

Life is about simple pleasures, and the 3-in-1 10W QI Fast Wireless Charging Stand Wireless Charger w/ Desk Lamp is a simple piece of technology that delivers immense satisfaction.

Despite the name, this device is a space-saving desk lamp. The three-color light offers touch control on the switch at the base so you can find the right setting for you, whether you’re working at your computer late at night or you’re reading in bed. The flexible lamp can bend at just about any angle to give you the right light, and it’s lightweight enough that you can pick it up and move it anywhere in your house. The light is designed to be gentle on your eyes with any setting.

As an extra perk, the energy-saving lamp also incorporates a 10W wireless fast charger that’s compatible with all Qi-enabled devices. That way, you can set up for a comfortable night in and have your device charging at all times right next to you, well within reach when you need it.

Get comfortable and enjoy your quiet evenings. Right now, the 3-in-1 10W QI Fast Wireless Charging Stand Wireless Charger w/ Desk Lamp is on sale for just $14.99.

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