The significant importance behind Ferrari’s second filming day in Monza

Scuderia Ferrari’s second filming day of the 2022 Formula 1 season is underway starting with 9 am this morning, as Charles Leclerc got behind the wheel of the F1-75 car for a few laps around the Monza circuit. The test will continue until 13 and is of crucial importance for the Maranello team, not only for its commercial purposes.

F1-75 on track in Monza for filming day, why is it important?
In the past, filming days have always had little significance, from which interesting insights have very rarely been drawn. However, this year the situation has changed.

In a World Championship that is staged under the constraints of the budget cap, these appointments take on a crucial value as the various teams have the opportunity to collect very important data and then decide which updates to bring to the rest of the championship. Having to keep a watchful eye on the balance sheet, what will emerge from today will therefore be decisive. The only element that cannot be evaluated today will be the tires, given the fact that, as required by the regulations, Ferrari will only be able to use a demo version of the Pirelli tyres that are usually used in the race.

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