The Mosquito Coast 2.1: Thirteen Years Ago

The Mosquito Coast was back with the first episode of its second season on Friday on Apple TV+.  It took the tack of providing the background story of what set the Fox family off into the dire straits they were in last time we saw them, in the first season, and …

[Spoilers ahead … ]

Well, because it was almost all past history, thirteen years ago, it had a passivity missing from the often electric first season.  It’s hard to be excited and enthralled when you know the characters you’re most interested in will survive, and I wasn’t.  Instead, I found this debut episode … interesting.

The one surprise is exactly what got Allie and Margot to go undercover and on the run in the first season.  The impression we had last year was that it was definitely Allie’s fault, with Margot going along with him because she loved him and wanted to protect Allie and their kids.  Turns out it was Margot who had to disappear because she had a hand in planting a bomb — for a worthy cause, though loss of life caused by a bomb tends to make it less worthy — but the important point here is that Allie rescues her and that sets off their life and then journey that we saw in season one.

But there is one way in which this interferes with the two seasons jibing.  Back in the first season, we were clearly given the impression, many times, that Margot was on the verge of even leaving Allie because she objected to the path that he was obliging her and the kids to doggedly pursue.  But if all of this started because Allie was saving her, why would Margot be so annoyed, even angry, with Allie for doing this?

Of course, this is only the first episode of the new season, which means The Mosquito Coast has plenty of time to untangle these problems as it deals with who knows what new mortal dangers are sure to arise.

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