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TCS NQT Exam: After clearing the NQT Test of TCS with 86 percentile, I got shortlisted for the Ninja profile.

Technical Interview: In the technical, they asked me to introduce myself and I gave the usual introduction of 1-2 minutes. Then they asked me about my preference for programming language and I said Java. Questions on Java were as follows:

 Next, They asked me about my projects. I used Javascript in Frontend and Php-MySQL in the backend. My questions were:

  • My roles & responsibilities in the project
  • Some OOPS concepts in PHP
  • Basic questions on MySQL
  • How did I deploy the application?

HR Questions were very Basic:

  • Do you wish to relocate?
  • Why TCS?
  • Are you flexible in rotating shifts?

That’s it folks, be very sure of what you put in your resume. Overall, knowledge of any one programming language & some database concepts should suffice for Non-CSE students.

If you are from CS or IT background, chances are high you could be asked about your core subjects(DBMS, Operating Systems, Computer Networks) Stay Positive, Confident & do not lose hope.

Wish you all the Best!!

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