Switzerland’s L’Odyssey to launch in late 2Q22

L’Odyssey (Geneva) is planning to launch as a premium-focused virtual carrier in late June 2022, operating scheduled flights out of Geneva with a Saab 340B chartered from Latvia’s RAF-Avia (MTL, Riga).

The Swiss virtual carrier plans to operate the following routes out of Geneva:

  • Toulon (4x weekly starting on June 30),
  • Deauville (2x weekly starting on July 1),
  • Bergerac (weekly starting on July 2), and
  • Dinard (weekly starting on July 2).

L’Odyssey will also operate 2x daily from Deauville from London City starting on July 2.

The airline is a subsidiary of Jet Airlines (France). It briefly operated in summer 2021 using a Cessna Aircraft Company Citation 525A, D-ILUI (msn 525A-04465), chartered from Swiss-based private charter company DALaviation.

RAF-Avia’s only Saab 340B, YL-RAE (msn 340B-225), has been parked at Örebro since February 18, 2022. The airline also operates one ATR72-200(F), one ATR72-500(F), and one Saab 340A(F), the ch-aviation fleets advanced module shows.

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