Superbooth 2022: Polyend debuts “open sandbox” groovebox, Play

Superbooth 2022: After much teasing and trickling of information, renowned Polish developer Polyend has finally released the sample and MIDI-based groovebox, Play.

Polyend promises Play to deliver “possibly the most fun, flexible, and inspirational sample and MIDI-based groovebox ever”  with numerous ways to perform sounds and sequences in a menagerie of ways.

Featuring eight internal audio tracks and eight polyphonic MIDI tracks, plus a range of tools and effects as well as storage for 128 Patterns of 16 tracks, Play promises to be a powerful integrating force in any studio or live setup.

Built around an anodized aluminium faceplate and featuring a split-screen high-res display with touch-capacitive knobs, mechanical keys and silicone pads, Play builds on the interface style of Polyend’s Tracker but boasts a plentiful 16×8 sequencing grid of pads, along with a 4×8 control grid.

The unit also ships with over 3,000 samples, with bespoke sample kits created by “30 top sound designers.”

Here’s the fantastically glitch-y introduction video:

With 35 different play modes, samples can easily be placed anywhere on the grid and edited with familiar controls like Sample Start, End, Attack and Decay, as well as expressive tools like a step repeater and capacity for parameter randomisation.

There is even a smart ‘Fill’ tool to automatically fill any area chosen with an entire beat, random step placement or even Euclidean patterns. Polyend has worked to make it easy to move, save and recall data with selection and copy and paste functionality, and with a whopping 30,000 track variations available (that is, 128 patterns of 16 tracks, each with 16 variations), there’s plenty of space to store sounds, sequences and ideas.

‘Perform’ mode allows for non-destructive changes to tracks with performance effects, which include filtering (and resonance), microtune, overdrive and more, while a range of master effects including delay, limiting, reverb, saturation and more are on hand to place over whole mixes. It’s also possible to live record automation or change individual step values on the fly, as well as record monophonic or polyphonic MIDI data.

Check out a demo of Play below:

Polyend Play is available to pre-order now for $799. For more information head to

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