Super73-R Brooklyn review

Two-minute review

The Super83-R Brooklyn isn’t your typical ride. This e-bike is more electric moped, or motorcycle even, than it is bicycle. It falls in the upper end of the price spectrum for e-bikes at $3,495 (about £2,800 / AU$5,000) before you start getting into truly premium bikes, but it comes fully loaded for riding pleasure. 

Key specs

Weight: 80lb

Motor: 2,000W

Battery: 1,000Wh

Range: 40 miles at 20mph under throttle, 75 miles using eco pedal assist mode

This cafe-racer style e-bike rides fast on a rear hub motor that can output a peak 2,000W, and it runs on a nearly 1,000Wh battery. The combination lets it go over 30mph and achieve over 20 miles of range on throttle alone.

E-bike aficionados will recognize that the speed is at odds with some e-bike class regulations. The Super83-R Brooklyn is capable of going beyond Class 3 capabilities, so riders will have to dial in the speed and control mode that fits the laws in their region – something that could reduce the value of the bike for those in Class 1 or Class 2 regions.

(Image credit: Mark Knapp)

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