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Every Sunday we get you caught up on the sports gaming news you might have missed during the busy week. This week we’ve posted some community sliders and rosters, along with some wild findings from AFK NBA 2K23 players and the broken Madden NFL 23. Congrats to the Astros.
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In NBA 2K22, the addition of The Old Gym within The City was a godsend for solo players who were looking to jump into 3-vs-3 park games. Its built-in matchmaking eliminated the inevitable wait times next to a park court where it could often feel a little reminiscent of going to a school dance and desperately trying to find a partner when a slow song came on. If there was a problem with The Old Gym though, it was the absence of any variety in how games were played. NBA 2K23has rectified this shortcoming by introducing the Theater, a movie house in the middle of The City with four different “screens” that each offer a slight twist on rules and style of play. This quartet of playlists are all then switched out every Friday to keep things fresh, giving you plenty of opportunity to find something that tickles your fancy at any given moment — depending on your own preferences.

The MyNBA Eras addition to NBA 2K23 is a brilliant way to add a layer of freshness to franchise mode, and it’s something we hope to see in all sports games at some point. The custom rosters on OS through the years have at times been ways to try and do era-specific rosters without the help of developers, and one of the people who has consistently been on the forefront of that movement is OS user MJWizards. He is a first-ballot HOF OS user, and he’s of course been eating up the MyNBA Eras and helping to add that added layer of accuracy to these Eras. He has now completed the 1983-1984 MyNBA Eras custom roster on PS5, which is of course the Bird vs. Magic roster.
With that in mind, I want to tell you how to download the rosters, how to support MJWizards, and highlight what’s in these rosters as well.

With our NHL 23 review, our criticisms were not really with the gameplay. We actually think that’s where the most improvement was this cycle, and with that in mind, we want to showcase some sliders out there that might help you tune the experience to your liking. This set comes from OS user mkharsh33 and are for Pro difficulty. If you want to level a complaint at the NHL series, these are his NHL 22 sliders with some tweaks to them for ’23. In other words, the game is “similar” enough that a lot of the values still work for this year’s game (at least so far). That said, if you don’t want to upgrade to NHL 23, these are useful as well.
Regardless, these Pro sliders are for those who are stuck between All-Star and Pro or don’t mind putting a couple “house rules” in place for yourself on a slightly lower difficulty while getting an overall better experience.

When it comes to NBA 2K23 sliders, there are oodles to choose from this cycle because so many people are playing the mode to experience the MyNBA Eras. With that said, you can find what you want in our NBA 2K sliders forum. Still, I tend to scope out anything Mike Lowe puts out because he’s a slider innovator of sorts, and I think we have similar mindsets for what we want to get out of our franchise experiences. He is more known for Madden sliders, but if you’re looking for NBA 2K23 superstar sliders, it might be worth checking these out.

If you’re not aware, AFK stands for “away from keyboard” and is meant to just tell folks you’re stepping away for a minute and won’t be responding. In video games, it means you’re not actively playing the game, and in an online setting that’s less than ideal when a game starts or is already happening. At that point, you’re actively harming your team’s chances. But, hey, sometimes you got to poop. That being said, AFK NBA 2K23 players have come out of the woodwork this year to cause some chaos in MyTeam.
First off, that’s not a wrench. Tell me you don’t floss without telling me Twitter user @Curr. By the way, flossers are the superior way to floss (sit down you water flosser weirdos, you’re not better than us).

The words “broken” and “game breaking” are thrown around a lot in our community and elsewhere. They’re overused and tend to lose their meaning in a lot of contexts. However, I think this is the right year to pull those words out for Madden 23 franchise mode because, well, Madden 23 franchise mode is broken. The irony here is that it’s not even the most broken mode in the game. Face of the Franchise remains busted after year one, and we talked about that in a recent article after Patch #3. Either way, my guess is a lot more people play franchise mode than Face of the Franchise, and so more people might run into this bug — just maybe not after one season.


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