Source Audio’s Atlas Compressor boasts six compression styles, MIDI connectivity and a bass optimisation mode

US-based gear manufacturer Source Audio has announced its latest pedal, the Atlas Compressor. Now available for pre-order, the unit delivers six different styles of compression, modelled on both high-end units such as the 1960s LA-2A and classic stompboxes like the now-discontinued Diamond Optical.

The Atlas is the latest device to join Source Audio’s vast range of guitar pedals and provides a smooth, full-bodied tone that works effortlessly onto guitar, bass or vocals.

Alongside the six various styles of compression on offer, the pedal also comes with a Dual-Band Mode feature, providing users with independent controls for both high and low frequencies. In addition, the unit also comes sporting a blend control feature for parallel compression functionality, a three-position toggle switch for changing between presets and an on/off footswitch.

Supporting mono and stereo operation while also accepting line level signals, the device incorporates four control knobs on the front – each of which has an alternative function that can be accessed by pressing an ALT button on the back of the Atlas.

As a result of this ALT button, the compressor has a total of eight adjustable parameters: Makeup Gain, Tone, Blend, Ratio, Attack, Threshold, Release and Output. Further, this button also makes a second bank of presets available on the toggle switch. From this, it provides a total of six storable sounds and red/green LED status to provide a visual indication of the bank currently in use.

According to the manufacturers, the compressor works effortlessly alongside a range of different playing styles, stating that the Atlas “sounds great with clean strummed or arpeggiated guitar lines as well as acoustic guitars.”

The unit comes bearing a Bass Optimisation Mode, where the entirety of presets in the pedal can be adapted specifically to respond to a bass guitar signal and the Atlas can also be controlled by external devices as a result of the expression pedal and MIDI connectivity.

For users searching for additional functionality, the Source Audio’s Neuro Editor app allows for in-depth control over routing options and pedal parameters, all available as either a desktop or mobile application. Here, features including graphic equalisation, lookahead compression, soft knee control and many more also come included.

The Atlas Compressor is available to pre-order now for £220.

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