Skullcandy’s Mod earbuds cost $60 and have a 34-hour battery life

Audio brand Skullcandy has released a new addition to its line of wireless earbuds called the Mod earbuds.

Much like the brand’s True Wireless earbuds, the Mod earbuds come in the same compact design with a simple and sleek black look this time.

It also comes with many of the features from the True Wireless earbuds including IP55 sweat and water rating and multi-point Bluetooth connectivity, making it suitable for on-the-go listening or for pairing with two other devices.

The Mod earbuds are also customizable to suit your listening experience using the Skullcandy app, allowing you to control product features and settings and access user guides.

Conversely, you can also use the app to track your earbuds should they go missing.

The earbuds also boast a 34-hour long battery life, with up to 7 hours of play time and the ability to fully charge the buds more than thrice between plug-ins. With a Rapid Charge, you’ll require just 10 minutes of charging will provide you 2 hours of play time.

There’s also a unique Stay Aware Mode, which can amplify your surroundings and help you retain situational awareness even when wearing your earbuds in loud environments.

In addition, the all-new Clear Voice Smart Mic technology uses AI to reduce background noise and separate it from user’s voice, making speaking and listening during meetings sound clearer than ever.

Skullcandy’s new earbuds are available for $59.99 and come with a charging case and a USB-C charging cable along with replacement ear tips.

You can check out the new Mod earbuds at

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