Sims 4’s Improved Bella Goth & Family Now Available In-Game

The Sims 4 now has a revamped version of the famous Bella Goth and her family thanks to the latest SDX, which also adds a handful of new items.

A new Sims 4 Sims Delivery Express (also known as “SDX”) has given the famous Sim Bella Goth and her family a makeover. SDX drops first began last fall, as a way for developers to add small amounts of content to the game without requiring a full update to be installed. Since then, the service has been used many times to deliver things like new items, clothing, and hair to players.

Bella Goth’s character has a storied history within the Sims universe. She’s appeared in every entry in The Sims series, often alongside her husband Mortimer and children Cassandra and Alexander. In The Sims 2, Bella suffers a mysterious disappearance that players can unravel through gameplay, and in The Sims 3 – which is set years before The Sims 2 – she appears as a child. The alternate timeline of The Sims 4 has her back alongside her family, although players have expressed some negative sentiments about their design. Often accompanied by new Scenarios, EA has released several SDXs since last year. The latest Sims Delivery Express drop came last month as a celebration of Earth Day.


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The Sims Twitter account announced an SDX this week that focuses on a new version of the Goth family, alongside new items and Scenarios. The renewed Goths have a much more distinctive look to them and have had general improvements made to things like their hair, face, and clothes. Bella now looks more regal in a new dress and jewelry, and more like the previous iterations of her character with a darker skin tone. Mortimer now more perfectly embodies his rich persona, and the children look cuter and more detailed. Accompanying the new family is a table and chair that the EA website calls “Parisian Outdoor Café Items,” a new “Into The Moodlet” lamp which is implied to help lift Sims’ moods in its Buy Mode listing, and a Simlish version of a song by Alice Longyu Gao. The two new Sims 4 Scenarios introduced according to the in-game menu are entitled “Best Friends Forever,” a limited-time scenario about cultivating childhood friendships, and “In The Moodlet,” about emotional regulation with no set end date.

Although small, SDX drops are always a welcome addition to The Sims 4 – free new items are always a nice surprise, and the fact that SDX drops do not require a full patch – which can often break any mods players have installed – is an added bonus. To see a makeover of the Goths is bound to be satisfying for many long-time fans of the series who are familiar with the beloved family, as these new versions more fittingly carry on the Goth legacy. Developers have been slowly but surely aiming to improve elements of the game over the past few years through things like refreshes of Sims 4 Game Packs, but this is the first time an in-game family has been changed.

Sims 4 players will always have their specific preferences and issues with the game, but Sims Delivery Express drops are hard to find fault with. They may not be as substantial as a true DLC release, but the occasional new additions of content to the title helps keep it fresh for players. This could very well just be the beginning of the Sims 4 team refreshing famous townies like the Goth family, which is bound to make many fans excited for the future of the game.

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Source: EAThe Sims/Twitter

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