SIHOO M90D ergonomic office chair review

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The SIHOO M90D is an ergonomic office chair from the Chinese office furniture maker SIHOO which was founded in 2011 but only began selling its products overseas in 2018. The company has built up a lot of momentum in the time since and it now sells a wide variety of office chairs on its website as well as on Amazon. While the model we tested has a mesh back and a padded seat cushion, SIHOO also sells a version of this chair with the same design which has a mesh seat cushion.

Ergonomics is the main focus of this chair and even the box it ships in features a diagram showing you how to correctly sit in it to avoid putting unnecessary stress on your back. The SIHOO M90D’s best feature is its adaptive lumbar support bar which adjusts on its own to ensure that your lower back is supported when using it. Elsewhere, the mesh back keeps you cool when working and its armrests can be turned inward or outward. Pulling a lever at its side out lets you recline while pushing it down lets you raise or lower the chair’s height. While you could save a few bucks on a budget model instead, for just a bit more the SIHOO M90D gives you the experience of sitting in a premium office chair without breaking the bank.

SIHOO M90D: Pricing and availability

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