Sean Paul Says Beyoncé Once Confronted Him About Dating Rumors That Started To Circulate After They Collaborated On ‘Baby Boy’ 

There is no doubt that Beyoncé and Sean Paul‘s 2003 hit single “Baby Boy,” is a classic. However, there seems like there may have been some friction behind the scenes back in the day after dating rumors about Beyoncé and Sean Paul began to circulate.

During a recent interview with The Daily Beast, Sean Paul spoke about collaborating with Beyoncé on the record, and said, “I’d always admired her music and she’s beautiful. So, when I heard Beyoncé was stepping out on her own and wanted me to do a single, I was like ‘Hell f*****g yeah.’” Apparently, the collaboration led to dating rumors, and that resulted in Bey and Sean performing the song live only three times.

While rehearsing for a performance in Scotland, Sean says Beyoncé confronted him about the rumors.

He said,

“She was pissed and was like ‘I need to speak to you.’ So, we go back and talk and she’s like ‘What’s all these rumors about?’ And I’m like ‘Yo, I’m not saying s**t,’ and she’s like ‘These rumors f**k with my career. I just want you to know that.’ I was like ‘They don’t f**k with mine. So, listen: I met Jay before you and we was friends, so me and him should talk. If he feels a way about that, then we should talk, because it’s not coming from me.”

Sean spoke on times where he felt their potiental performances of the song was sabatoged, but he never knew who was behind the whole situation.

One performance he detailed was for the VMAs. Sean says Beyoncé told him “We’re gonna have rehearsal, so look out.” However, he says while doing press for the show, he heard the music for the rehearsal going on, and then said someone from the label told him, “Yo…they’re not gonna do the song with you.”

When the actual show came, he said he was sitting in the audience with his current wife, and Paris Hilton asked him why he wasn’t performing as the whole crowd watched Bey perform the song without him. “It was embarrassing and weird,” he said. There was another scheduled performance the following day in Washington D.C. were he said he dropped out after waiting around, and then being told, “There are 3,000 influential people waiting out there for you to do it.” To which he replied, “There were 50 million people watching the VMAs. I’m not doing it.”



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