Reversed layout races “should be done more” in racing – Ticktum

The course around the Tempelhof Airport for Saturday’s race begins with a long-radius left-hander in an anti-clockwise format, which becomes the last corner for Sunday’s race as it now opens with a right hand hairpin.

Formula E has dubbed the reversed Sunday race as the palindromic “Nilreb” circuit, and effectively gives the teams two circuits to prepare for ahead of the weekend.

Ahead of his first experience of the Berlin circuit Ticktum felt that, although he was not particularly enamoured with the layout itself, that “it’s pretty cool” for Formula E to be open to reversing its circuit layouts – adding that he felt that there should be more opportunities to do so in racing.

“It’s quite cool. I think, you know, it’s always one of those things we sort of joke about in the team going through the formulas, like, ‘imagine if we raced backwards!’,” Ticktum said.

“So that we’re actually doing it, it’s pretty cool to be fair. I think it’s a great way to break up the event. I think it should probably be done more, to be fair.

“I mean it’s obviously not a completely new track, but it does completely change. So yeah, it’s quite cool. But as a rookie, I mean, it’s just a bit more prep required, but that’s it really.”

Dan Ticktum, NIO 333

Photo by: Sam Bloxham / Motorsport Images

Ticktum reflected on his 12th-place finish from Monaco, feeling that it was “a bit of a nothing race” but was buoyed by his ability to fight within the pack and for NIO 333 to remain in touch with its competition.

He added that there were still plenty of areas for the team to improve on, but concluded that NIO 333’s growth through the season had been “night and day” from the season opener at Diriyah.

“Monaco was alright, I feel like it was a bit of a nothing race for me,” Ticktum recalled.

“I got a good start, and then ended up in a bit of contact with a couple of drivers so dropped back a bit. But what was positive is we were more or less able to run in the pack, which is probably the first race that we’ve probably done that.

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“We are definitely still lacking in some areas, it’s quite evident, but compared to even where we were at the beginning of the season, it’s leaps and bounds [better].

“Hopefully if we’re competitive on one lap, and I somehow get myself in the top 10 in quali, then maybe we’ll grab some more points this weekend.”

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