​Oura and Gucci team up for smart ring

Oura and Gucci have collaborated over a special edition of the smart ring.

The Gucci x Oura will retail for $950 compared to the $299 of the standard edition, and it’s made of black synthetic corundum. The subscription of $6.99 still applies.

The Gucci smart ring has a unique braided detail around the circumference, and prominently boasts Gucci’s iconic logo, both made from 18c gold.

It starts at just 4g, the same as the standard Oura 3, so you’re not adding any heft to your finger – and it’s still the lightest and most compact smart ring going.

Elsewhere, it’s the same set up as before. You get heart rate and sleep monitoring, and Oura combines the two data sets to track your readiness and wellness for the day. We’re big fans of Oura, and in our testing found the sleep monitoring to be some of the most reliable on the market.

The Oura Ring got a Wareable Top Pick award, and we said that “The Oura Generation 3 is a great way to track your sleep in an unobtrusive way, and easily understand how daily life affects your recovery. If you really don’t get on with wrist-worn fitness trackers, then this is one for you.”

Smart rings had faltered somewhat over the past few years, with some big names such as Amazon and Motiv dropping out of the market. But it’s enjoying something of a second wind, with new entrants Circular and Movano coming into the market.

We’ve also seen patents for smart rings land from Fitbit and Apple – and if the form factor continues its traction, it wouldn’t be surprised to see a big name smart ring land before long.

But this Gucci x Oura collaboration will certainly give smart rings a bit of much-needed exposure.

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