OOTP Baseball Go 23 Available For iOS and Android Devices

OOTP Baseball Go 23 is available today for iOS and Android devices. Manage teams, control any franchise throughout MLB History, build and draft your Perfect Team and much more. You can oversee your league at a high level or play out each game in the gorgeous 3D game mode, managing play by play or even pitch by pitch.
New Features

Improved 3D animations & ballparks
Live Starts (same functionality as desktop version)
Added in-game tutorials
New shop player types
Cash and salary retention added as options in trades
New way to handle daily lineups
All new OOTP 23 engine improvements and options, including ties, draft lottery, shift banning, movement ratings update, catcher framing, and more
OOTP 23 MLB & KBO roster set updates and changes
All Perfect Team 23 changes, including the card shop, tournament variants, etc.
And many more OOTP 23 desktop additions carried over to Go 23

OOTP Go 23 comes with three historical MLB seasons for free. Run any franchise from the 1931, 1971, and/or 2001 MLB seasons. All other historical MLB seasons (1901-2022) and the KBO are available via in-app purchase.


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