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Testing with representative device settings is key to understanding what your audiences are experiencing and where we need to make improvements.

Soon, we will update our device list (available through Test Profiles) to feature current models of various iOS and Android devices. Alongside 12 new device presets, we will be changing our default Test Profiles to feature Chrome Desktop, iPhone 12 and Motorola Moto G Power to reflect the current worldwide usage better:

You will be able to test a broader range of devices with different resolutions and CPU benchmarks. Currently supported devices will be marked as discontinued (not available for sale) but will remain available for testing.

We continue to improve our open source projects’ governance. React Live Chat Loader, Image Actions and the Calibre Command Line Interface, and Node.js API are now using GitHub Issue Forms. While Issue Forms are currently in beta, they offer a more pleasant and guided way to submitting bugs and questions. See them in action below:

Our Test Agents are now using Lighthouse 9.6.2 to test your Sites.

Following recent infrastructure work involving image hosting, Site screenshots were not appearing in Insights email reports. This has now been fixed.

Karolina Szczur

Karolina is the Product Design Lead at Calibre. With years of design experience under her belt, she’s responsible for the comprehensive user experience spanning over product, visuals and content. Find her on Twitter or LinkedIn.

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