Massive cruise ship docks in Liverpool for first time in three years

Another stunning vessel can be seen at Liverpool’s cruise terminal this weekend, on its first visit since 2019.

The German-owned and operated cruise ship AIDAaura is currently on a cruise which began in Hamburg. The 14-day journey takes in Dover, Portland, Dublin, Fishguard, followed by an overnight stay in Liverpool, and then on to Fort William, Belfast, Honfleur and back to Hamburg.

The guests on board will of course be treated to seeing Liverpool at its busiest as the visit takes place over Champions League weekend.

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The £350m passenger ship has been in service since April 2003. The 665ft vessel is painted with distinctive colourful eyes on its bow – a traditional sailing custom thought to help keep a ship on course and stop it from losing its way.

The AIDAaura’s gross tonnage is 42,289. She is operated by German cruise company AIDA Cruises and has a total of 12 decks.

The AIDAaura is powered by a diesel-electric engine and has a top speed of a leisurely 19.4 knots. All in all, she can hold 1,300 passengers, who are looked after on their voyage by a crew of 418.

A spokesperson for AIDA Cruises said: “Captain Carsten Waetge and his crew are looking forward to the guests and this voyage. After a shipyard stop in April, they have used the past weeks intensively to prepare the ship for the guests.”

The last visit of the AIDAaura to Liverpool was in August 2019.

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