Marketplace Partner Spotlight: What’s New from February and March

With extensibility at the core of our platform, it’s no surprise that our partners are discovering endless opportunities for integrations to help our joint customers customize their solutions. Through the Auth0 Marketplace, we’ve made it easy for you to explore partner integrations that will allow you to extend and customize your Auth0 solution.

Our list of partners continues to grow, and we’re excited to announce some of the most recent integrations to hit our marketplace:

Deduce – Intelligence MFA

The Deduce Intelligent MFA integration acts as a first line of defense against consumer-facing Account Takeover (ATO) and registration fraud. Inform every authentication, account creation, and password reset with identity-backed behavioral intelligence powered by the Deduce Identity Network. The Deduce Identity Network is a consortium of over 150,000 websites and applications that delivers a comprehensive range of both risk and trust signals that help stop fraud, and reduce false-positive challenges, via a no-code integration with Auth0.

Haventec – Single-step passwordless multi-factor authentication

The Haventec Authenticate integration is a decentralized identity provider that enables a single-step passwordless multi-factor authentication experience and reduces the risk of credential theft. Single-step passwordless MFA is invisible to the user, does not require switching devices or applications for a second authentication factor, and provides a seamless and consistent experience across all digital channels. Once enabled, the Haventec Authenticate integration can provide single-step passwordless MFA for any application registered with Auth0.

Elastic – Event ingestion and log streaming

Elastic Security enables security teams to stop threats quickly and at scale, with a platform for prevention, detection, and response. The newly launched Elastic Security integration in the Auth0 Marketplace enables the collection, analysis, and correlation of Auth0 events and alerts, leveraging Elastic to ingest events from Auth0’s log streaming service. With this integration, Auth0 events can be searched and visualized with predefined mappings, detection rules, and dashboards to aid with threat detection and incident response.

Trust Swiftly – Flexible, secure identity verification

The new Trust Swiftly integration in the Auth0 Marketplace provides an adaptive identity proofing platform with over 15 ways to verify user identities. The integration dynamically verifies Auth0 logins and sign-ups with minimal friction for the end user. Example identity verification checks include government-issued IDs, utility statements, video, banking, geolocation, voice, and credit card authorizations. The integration offers configurable settings to support multiple use cases and meet unique verification requirements.

Spruce ID

Spruce allows users to control their data across the web. The Sign-In with Ethereum integration from Spruce in the Auth0 Marketplace enables any Auth0 client to handle Ethereum account-based authentication. Sign-In with Ethereum was recently standardized in a Web3 login effort led by The Ethereum Foundation, Spruce, and ENS. The integration leverages an identity server hosted by Spruce/ENS to manage the authentication and also incorporates blockchain-hosted ENS profiles if they are available.

Be sure to check each month as we feature the latest integrations from our growing partner ecosystem. Meanwhile, check out our current list of partner integrations at

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