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Bucket lists are aspirational… and slightly morbid. After all, a bucket list contains all the things that you want to experience before you kick the figurative bucket. My own list is dominated by tennis-related items. That is arguably one of the least surprising things ever disclosed on this site.

Perhaps the most audacious thing on my bucket list is to one day compete in the 90 and over age divisions in tennis tournaments. A lot of things have to go right for that to happen. Not only do I have to avoid the grim reaper, some semblance of physical health and eyesight must also be preserved. My family history is working against me, but at least I am aware of a long list of warning signs.

At the end of 2019, I came to the realization that it was time to start aggressively checking items off my bucket list. I lined up a doubles partner and made a commitment to play in the National Grass Court Championships at the West Side Tennis Club in Forest Hills in 2020. Unfortunately, the event was Covid-cancelled as we all put our lives on hold.

On the backside of the pandemic, the West Side Tennis Club has sharply curtailed its support for hosting Senior National tournaments. There are no events for me at that venue currently on the calendar for 2023. Unless the club opens up to more tournaments in the future, I am worried that my window of opportunity may have closed for good.

For that reason, competing at the Longwood Cricket Club is now slotted as my top priority for 2023. The historic venue hosted the first-ever Davis Cup competition. Longwood has committed to exactly one tournament that I am eligible to enter next year, the mother-daughter Grass Court National Championships. That means that the (former) tennis umpire I gave birth to will have to pick up a racquet for one last time next August. In related news, I am about to find out if my daughter still reads my blog every day.

Yesterday’s post was all about intentionally determining your tennis aspirations. A bucket list is one method of formalizing those goals and intentions. It would be profoundly sad to build a list of things to experience before you die… and then never do anything about it.

The challenge for 2023 is to check a few items off your bucket list. Now is the time to start planning to make it happen. If you don’t yet have a bucket list, consider this as an impetus to start one.

I am going to assume that if you are a regular reader of this blog, your bucket list probably contains a few tennis-related items. I would love to hear about any unique tennis experiences or achievements that you will be pursuing. Similarly, if there is something that you think should be on other people’s bucket lists I am all ears.

Ironically… a bucket list is a living document.

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