Introducing the Nike Re-Creation Program, Turning Locally Collected Nike Products into New Designs

Transforming locally collected vintage and dead stock pieces into locally designed and manufactured products, the Nike Re-Creation program initiates a new circular business model close to — and designed for — the local athlete.

The program’s initial chapter, launching May 26 at The Grove in Los Angeles, features three iconic Nike fleece hoodie and crew silhouettes. Each silhouette is available in limited quantities, and the individual pieces have been restored to a wearable condition through a manual process of cleaning, dyeing, stitching and patching. Each piece is unique and features patches, as well as decorative stitching to enhance durability, and a range of Nike heritage and LA-inspired screen-printed graphics. 

As an expression of Nike’s circular vision, the Re-Creation program helps reimagine waste streams as resources and creates new value by reusing its own materials and products. “Nike Re-Creation highlights an exciting moment of experimentation and progression,” says John Hoke, Chief Design Officer, NIKE, Inc. “The program exemplifies Nike’s collaborative spirit, bringing together experts in design, retail, supply chain and sustainability to strategize and learn.”

The Nike Re-Creation program follows the Nike Grind (established in 1992), Nike Refurbished and Nike Recycling & Donation initiatives, furthering Nike’s innovative work toward creating a more circular future. 

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