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We’re hoping to hear about the release date of eSports Boxing Club very soon. However, we’ve received a pretty great video courtesy of the developer.This ESBC Dev Roundtable featured Boxing Fanatico, a content creator that has actually played the game and he provided his thoughts on it as well. Here’s news around Steel City’s eSports Boxing Club, including info about the potential release date and constantly growing roster.Latest – ESBC Dev RoundtableThe most recent news we’ve received from eSports Boxing Club is a new Dev Roundtable that highlighted what the team is working on.The video kicks off with the announcement that a multiplayer milestone has been reached. The group also spoke on referee interactions and judging mechanics. Check out the video here: Joining the group is Boxing Fanatico, a content creator that has spend a lot of time playing eSports Boxing Club. His comments on the gameplay are mostly positive, including how each boxer has their own unique style. To check out our breakdown on the new judging and referee mechanics that the development team spoke on, follow this link. Terence Crawford GameplayThere’s a good chance we could see a release date for eSports Boxing Club now that we’re getting another glimpse at gameplay.Today, a video released by the ESBC Twitter showcased what Terence Crawford will look like in the ring, check it out below. As you can see the game is looking pretty great even though it’s only in Alpha Footage. Still, this is the only look from eSports Boxing Club we’ve seen in a while, so we’re happy.To learn more about the latest addition to ESBC, follow this link. Release DateThe estimated window for the ESBC release date is now late-2022.Originally, developers planned to have eSports Boxing Club out for Early Access as soon as Summer 2021, but delays have pushed that much further back. KNOCKOUT: It looks like ESBC might be the most powerful boxing games everThe developers explicitly stated in the last development update that while they’re not announcing a launch window, the “next announcement on this topic will be a specific release date.” Unfortunately, we still haven’t received any concrete info on the game’s launch date.Gameplay RevealSteel City recently released another development update, revealing some examples of the new gameplay.Watch the new gameplay video below: PlatformsESBC will release on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. TrailerThe initial teaser trailer for eSports Boxing Club arrived on 23 June 2020, starring boxing legend Johnny Nelson. Another trailer will be revealed ahead of launch. Developer Commentary TrailerA new eSports Boxing Club Developer Commentary Trailer has been released, and the game looks awesome! The trailer gives us an insight into how the game mechanics will work, with the implementation of real boxers’ movements in the ring.The developers also run through the awesome roster which will be on ESBC.Cover StareSports Boxing Club has made a massive reveal by announcing that current boxing champion and the nearly undefeated Canelo Álvarez will join ESBC. Álvarez is a major acquisition for the game’s roster, but even more than that he appears to be poised as the title’s cover star. The reveal stopped short of specifically confirming that, but we’ve got more details here on why he looks set to be the face of ESBC. Anything Else?According to the official eSports Boxing Club website, the title will feature “Next Gen Footwork” with research and input from World Champions to create the “most realistic mannerisms and movement”.We will also see high-quality human models, thanks to the scanning from Ten24. Check out the appearance of Eddie Hall and David Adeleye in the first look of Alpha Gameplay. ESBC features the “most advanced feint-system” to try and throw your opponent off-guard.There will be plenty of customisation options – mainly centred around career mode, and across the game, you’ll be able to create your own fighter, judges, trainers, cut-men and promoters.As for online multiplayer, there will be exhibition matches, ranked leaderboards as well as licensed world championships. Career Mode From what we know about career mode, you will be able to manage your fighter’s weight and injuries.Will you rest and let any negative effects heal? Or take a high risk title-shot at short notice? TAKE YOUR CHANCE – How will your boxing career play out?You can unlock certain moves and characteristics as your fighter matures and switch gyms to learn new move-sets.The retirement system means it will be imperative to manage your workload to keep fighting. Did you retire early due to the wars you’ve been in? Or have a prolonged career with smart fighting? Or will you decide to make a comeback?There are plans from Steel City to “introduce a full story mode” as an update after release.LicencesThe game also features seven championship titles, including those under the governing bodies of WBC, IBF and BBBofC (British Boxing Board of Control).Plus, in a first for gaming – you can become the eWBC champion with a physical belt presented by the WBC during the official ESBC Tournament. RAISING THE SPAR – Learn the ropes in the gym before taking centre stageNo venues have been confirmed as of yet but Steel City Interactive say that “realistic venues from Gyms and Arenas to outdoor stages from around the world” will feature.Perhaps we could see iconic boxing venues from the world including Madison Square Garden, York Hall, MGM Grand and Caesar’s Palace. The non-fighting roster includes various boxing coaches, promoters, presenters and cut-men.BT’s Paul Dempsey, Sky Sports frontman Johnny Nelson and Todd Grisham from DAZN will all be in the commentary booth. Officially licensed boxing gear will also be available, allowing you to select glove, shorts and boot options, with Empire Pro Tape already confirmed. 100 Boxers confirmed for ESBC100 licensed boxers have now been confirmed for eSports Boxing Club already. Here’s just a handful of the names coming to the game:Sugar Ray Robinson Joe FrazierRocky Marciano Joe Louis Roy Jones JrOleksandr UsykTerence CrawfordAmir KhanAlexander Povetkin TAKE YOUR PICK – Joy Joyce, Eddie Hall and Connor Benn have been given the face scan treatmentFrank BrunoRicky HattonEddie Hall (former World’s Strongest Man)Joe JoyceGeorge GrovesJohnny NelsonJosh WarringtonAnthony Crolla14 female boxers have been revealed so far, they are:Claressa ShieldsSeniesa EstradaCris CyborgJessica McCaskillAlicia NapoleonFranchon Crews-DezurnChantelle CameronHeather HardyTerri HarperNatasha JonasEbanie BridgesSophie AlischShannon CourtenayJelena MrdjenovichSteel City have said they are “constantly increasing” their roster and a “number of legends” will be announced up to launch.Plus as part of ESBC’s Seasons model, fighters will be continually added to the game after release – but this looks to be part of paid DLC.

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