FRAMOS Makes GMSL3 Accessible for Embedded Vision

Vision and imaging technology supplier FRAMOS is integrating Analog Devices’ GMSL3 platform into the embedded vision environment. Camera developers can use the FRAMOS Sensor Module Ecosystem to validate a variety of image sensors in the lab and field.

With the GMSL3 interface, image sensors can operate at full MIPI CSI-2/D-PHY v1.2 specifications (4 lanes at 2.5 Gb/s each), enabling vision systems with an uncompressed 4K resolution at 90 fps. Additionally, it is possible to integrate three 4K streams at 30 fps to transmit over a single power-over-coax cable, enabling smooth and crisp clear sensor function, surround view, or stereoscopic 3D imaging in real time. GMSL3 is the third generation of Maxim’s Gigabit Multimedia Serial Link.

Since virtually any image sensor in the FRAMOS Sensor Module Ecosystem can be connected via the GMSL3 protocol, the system is highly flexible across a wide range of applications, especially those that are deployed in tight spaces or when high-quality video streams are needed to be transmitted quickly over extended distances.

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