Flograppling’s Who’s Next Episode 2 And 3 Recap

FloGrappling’s Who’s Next Presented by Tezos Jiu-Jitsu reality contest continued right along with episode 2.

The second episode started off with the first team challenge. The challenge was an arm-wrestling contest. The winning team would pick the first quarter final match.

FloGrappling’s Who’s Next

“Big” Dan Manasoiu of Team Spriggs defeated all four members of Team Jones single handedly (pun intended). The team powwowed and decided to make Adam Bradley of Team Spriggs vs. Tema Jones’ first pick- Izzak Michell.



The episode ended with the two competitors squaring off in a no time limit sub only match. At 42 minutes Bradley tapped to a tight rear-naked choke put on by Team Jones’ Izzak Michell. Izzak will now be moving on the next round and has shown he could walk away with the $10k and a 3-fight contract with Flograppling’s Who’s Number One.

Episode 3

The third episode of FloGrappling’s Who’s Next Presented by Tezos Jiu-Jitsu reality contest debuted Wednesday May 25th. This episode also started off with a team challenge.

The second team challenge was “calf scramble.” The teams had to chase two bulls and pull a green ribbon off the back of their tails. The team to get both ribbons in the fastest time would be the victor.

Team Jones went first but, it was Team Spriggs who got both ribbons the quickest.

The second part of the challenge was “bull wrestling.” Two members of each team would go one at a time and grab the bull by the horns and wrestle them to the ground. The competitors would earn a victory by getting all four of the bulls’ legs in the air. Whoever gets the bull down in the fastest time would be the winning team and would pick the next quarter finals match.

FloGrappling’s Who’s Next

It would be the smallest competitor, Andrew Tackett of Team Jones, who would wrestle the bull down in just 3.7 seconds. Tackett would then call out “Big” Dan Manasoiu for the next quarter finals match. “Big” Dan outweighs the smaller Tackett by 100lbs.

The episode ended with the David vs. Goliath quarter finals match. It would be the smaller competitor in Andrew Tackett who put his quickness and experience on display and would take Dan’s back and finish with a rear-naked choke in just under 9 minutes.

Team Jones is now up 2-0 heading into the last two quarter final matches.

Tune in next Wednesday for episode 4 of FloGrappling’s Who’s Next Presented by Tezos.

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