Embraer invites tech start-ups to join sustainable flight initiative

Embraer completed its first ‘Start-Up Day’ in which the manufacturer encouraged start-up organizations and companies with innovative technologies to join its Energia sustainable flight initiative. Embraer’s goal is to select the organizations as collaborators on Energia.

The first intake consisted of sixteen organizations from around the world, each pitching their unique technologies to Embraer’s Energia team. The technologies focused on one of four key areas: electric and hybrid-electric powertrain; fuel cells; Hydrogen storage; and battery technology.

The Energia team will make its first selection in the third quarter of this year.

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“To meet the climate challenge it is essential to encourage every innovation path, not just rely on traditional players,” said Carlos Ilario, head of Zero Emissions Innovation at Embraer. “Embraer has a natural affinity with nimble innovators, and we believe the growing eco-system of small, tech-savvy start-ups have a huge contribution to make — if given the opportunity.”

Ilario also noted that some of the technology aviation needs “are yet to be discovered,” and Embraer is looking to find answers to the climate problem that “work, are affordable, and practical in the real world.”

Organizations from France, Germany, Netherlands, South Korea, the United Kingdom, and the United States pitched their technologies to the Energia team.

Embraer is planning to add more Start-Up Days, adding areas of interest such as sustainable cabin design, connectivity, ground handling, and clean energy generation.

Organizations interested in pitching their technologies in the next rounds can sign up at the Embraer website.

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