Deion Sanders Advises The NCAA To Extend College Coaching Staffs As Athletes Continue To Earn NIL Money

If there is one thing Deion Sanders is going to do, that is speak his mind, and on Wednesday he took to social media with a message for the NCAA concerning college athletes and the NIL money that they’re earning.

In a video posted to his social media, Coach Prime told the NCAA that they have a problem and said,

“When you start paying athletes like they’re professionals, you get athletes acting like they’re professionals, and you don’t have staffs large enough and equipped enough to handle a young man with money. Let me go deeper. Handle a young man that’s making more money than some of the coaches on staff.”

He continued to suggest that the NCAA allow colleges to hire more men that are qualified to handle the college athletes that are making the money.

He also said in his caption,

“NCAA, you have a real problem that will Implode if you don’t address it. Please extend coaching staffs by 2, please. You need MUCH MORE QUALIFIED MEN MEN MEN & WOMEN WOMEN that knows how to deal with a YOUNG MAN or WOMAN WITH MONEY! This must be addressed immediately of it will bear fruit in the middle of the season. You know Money Makes You More Of Whom You Really Are.”

As we previously reported, back in 2019 the NCAA unanimously voted in favor of allowing college athletes to profit from their name, image and likeness. However, they said students looking to earn money must do so “in a manner consistent with the collegiate model.”

Deion became the head football coach at Jackson State University’s in 2020, and he has been using his platform to bring attention to the talent of HBCU athletes.



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TSR STAFF: Jade Ashley @Jade_Ashley94

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