Back 4 Blood Reveals Second Expansion

Back 4 Blood creators Turtle Rock Studios and Warner Bros. Games revealed this week the plans for the new DLC coming to the game later this month. This release will consist of the newest and second expansion called “Children of the Worm,” and will come with another Cleaner for players to pilot as well as more weapons, accessories, a campaign story, and more. All of this will be released on August 30th for those who either have the Annual Pass or the premium versions of the game, but it’ll also be a standalone purchase for those who want to buy it separately.

While the full details on how all of the different features included in the expansion tie together remain to be seen, we did get a handy infographic alongside the reveal to show off a sampling of what’s coming. That can be seen below with the new Cleaner known as “Prophet” Dan at the center. Positioned to the top-right of the new Cleaner is a preview at some sort of “fierce new enemy threat,” a press release teased, with the enemies seen using weapons and other types of combat gear as opposed to the more melee and ability-focused Ridden players are accustomed to seeing.

In addition to Dan and his new foes, the expansion will also bring with it the Lockjaw weapon and the Bear Trap. The Lockjaw appears to be a sniper rifle while the Bear Trap will presumably be an accessory for players to equip in order to ensnare and slow down enemies. More cards will be added, too, to give players additional options with which they can bolster their decks, but we don’t yet know what those added cards look like.

For those who played the Tunnels of Terror DLC and are looking forward to the new campaign story and everything else included in Children of the Worm, you’ll be able to pick up this new DLC on August 30th as a standalone purchase. If you’ve got either the game’s Annual Pass, the Deluxe Edition, or the Ultimate Edition, you’ve already got this DLC coming your way.

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