A Clebsch method for free-surface vortical flow simulation

Shiying Xiong, Zhecheng Wang, Mengdi Wang, Bo Zhu

We propose a novel Clebsch method to simulate the free-surface vortical flow. At the center of our approach lies a level-set method enhanced by a wave-function correction scheme and a wave-function extrapolation algorithm to tackle the Clebsch method’s numerical instabilities near a dynamic interface. By combining the Clebsch wave function’s expressiveness in representing vortical structures and the level-set function’s ability on tracking interfacial dynamics, we can model complex vortex-interface interaction problems that exhibit rich free-surface flow details on a Cartesian grid. We showcase the efficacy of our approach by simulating a wide range of new free-surface flow phenomena that were impractical for previous methods, including horseshoe vortex, sink vortex, bubble rings, and free-surface wake vortices.

A Clebsch method for free-surface vortical flow simulation

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