2023 Toyota Camry Nightshade Now Wears Bronze Wheels

  • The 2023 Toyota Camry can be had with an updated Nightshade appearance package.
  • The kit fits the car with bronze 19-inch wheels instead of a set of black 18-inchers.
  • Toyota also gives Nightshade Camrys black-trimmed headlights and taillights.

    The list of new cars that come with bronze wheels from the factory is short, but the 2023 Toyota Camry is joining the club. While the popular family sedan has a sport-oriented TRD model that might sound like the perfect recipient of the new bronze rollers, they’re actually reserved for the updated Nightshade appearance package.

    As before, models donning the Nightshade kit feature a black grille with the same mesh design as the Camry TRD as well as black exterior bits like badges, mirror caps, and a rear spoiler. For 2023, Nightshade models now also come with black-trimmed headlights and taillights to help complete the black theme. Joining the package’s available Midnight Black and White paint options is Reservoir Blue (pictured here). This newly introduced color is also offered on other models.


    While bronze wheels on a Camry might not be everyone’s first choice—and we’d appreciate it if Toyota offered a similar set on the GR86 and Supra sports cars—the Nightshade’s multispoke 19-inch wheels are larger and more distinctive than the black 18-inch rims they replace. Now we just need to convince Toyota to revive the gold exterior trim that used to grace Camrys in the ’90s.

    2023 toyota camry nightshade bronze wheels


    Last year, the Camry Nightshade Edition became available with the sedan’s hybrid powertrain. That remains true for 2023, and the kit continues to be offered on SE models with the 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine and either front- or all-wheel drive. Toyota hasn’t said if the updated Nightshade package will still be a $700 option. However, the company says it will announce pricing for the 2023 Camry lineup later this summer.

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