10 Best Multiverse Versions Of Green Lantern, Ranked

The concept of the multiverse has been used long before the MCU’s adoption of it in recent films. Before Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madnessthere was Flashpoint, Crisis on Infinite Earths, and other comic universes that tied in the concept of the ongoing multiverse.

Within the DC Comics multiverse, readers have had the chance to see many Green Lanterns. Some are more powerful, while others are comedic and prove just how outlandish the multiverse can be (consider the Duck Dodgers’ Green Loontern). The multiverse has given fans some of the best versions of the Green Lantern.


10 Abin Sur (Earth-20)

Abin Sur as Green Lantern transporting a prisoner on a ship in DC comics

Abin Sur was the Green Lantern of his home planet before he became the protector of earth. In the comics, he refrained from showing his face unless absolutely necessary because his red complexion, long cowl, and horns make him look devil-like, though he is tasked with being the opposite.

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Abin Sur was perhaps one of the more powerful Green Lanterns, though he practiced much restraint. In the Multiversity series, he once sacrificed himself to save Superman from other Supermen.

9 Bat-Lantern (Earth-32)

Bat-Lantern from Earth 32 in DC Comics.

One of the most iconic characters in comics, Batman has been portrayed in the multiverse in countless ways before. The Caped Crusader with a brooding presence is lovable and frightening all at once. On Earth-32, Batman manages to obtain a Green Lantern ring and uses it in his efforts against crime and, with the power of the ring, threats from space.

This Green Lantern version (also known as the Emerald Knight) is the best of both worlds. It gives fans a glimpse at what it is like for Batman to wield one of the most powerful weapons in the universe.

8 Barbara Gordon (Created Equal)

Barbara Gordon may be one of the least likely to dawn a green suit and the indispensable, glowing Power Ring. Her life as a superhero is inextricably tied to Gotham, not the protection of Earth.

In a short series called JLA: Created Equal, all superheroes that were men (except Superman and Lex Luthor) were killed, leaving the mantle of Green Lantern to be picked up by a woman. The remaining JLA voted Gordon as the protector of Earth, so she accepted. Her brief time as Green Lantern shows that some of Earth’s strongest protectors are worthy to wear the Ring.

7 Alan Scott (Earth-22)

Alan Scott in space in DC Comics

As DC Comics’ first Green Lantern, Alan Scott is different from every Lantern that follows him. Sporting a cape (much like Abin Sur’s), even the Lantern logo on his chest is different. Before the iconic logo comic readers love today, Scott’s suit displayed a more exact image of the Lantern.

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Earth-22’s Alan Scott may be one of the coolest Green Lanterns, if not the strongest. He’s a little older, but his experience is what led him to become more powerful than ever. He fused his Power Ring into his suit, making a constantly renewing power source, and a somehow even cooler-looking suit than Earth-1’s original Green Lantern.

6 Green Lantern (Earth-9, The Tangent Universe)

DC Comics Tangent Comics

In the Tangent Comics series, Earth-9’s Green Lantern is a powerful necromancer that resurrects three different people to fulfill their unfinished tasks and rest in peace. Tangent Green Lantern is one of the most dynamic Lanterns to date. Not many other Lanterns have power over the dead, and fewer have the task of necromancy as their primary goal.

One of the most iconic Green Lantern series, Blackest Night, debuted a deep experiment on what it would look like for the Green Lantern Corps to resurrect the dead and use them to fight impending doom. Almost a decade before this incredibly sad DC storyline, Earth-9 Green Lantern did something similar, groundbreaking, and far less emotionally taxing.

5 Magic Lantern (Earth-47)

Mafic Lantern in DC Comics.

The New 52 comics series saw many drastic changes to the known DC Comics universe, the grooviest one being a hipster Green Lantern from Earth-47. This universe’s Justice League is called Love Syndicate, and it features groovy incarnations of Green Lantern, Flash, and Superman.

While not much is known about Magic Lantern other than his ’70s persona, he is one of the cooler renditions of Green Lanterns in DC Comics’ multiverse.

4 Jong Li

Jong Li forming dragon constructs from the Power Ring in Green Lantern Dragon Lord

While Alan Scott was the first Green Lantern to appear in DC Comics, Jong Li was the earliest Green Lantern in the timeline. As a monk who first received the Power Ring in the 7th Century, Li used the Ring and Lantern much differently than ring-bearers following him.

Clearly, the rendering of things he imagined to fight with were different than other Lanterns. Ultimately, his goal with his newfound Green Lantern powers was to find and save a young lady named Jade and her child from the Imperial Guard.

3 Len Lewis (Earth-6)

Len Lewis in DC Comics.

Originally Stan Lee’s vision of the Green Lantern for the Just Imagine comics, Dr. Leonard Lewis is an archaeologist who obtains Lantern powers in an unconventional way. When crises arise, the Tree of Life grants Lewis the powers of Green Lanterns.

Instead of wearing a Power Ring and toting around his Lantern battery, he becomes a Green Lantern, internalizing its powers. Not only is this version of Green Lantern epic in new ways, it is a revolutionary crossover between DC Comics and Marvel’s owner, Stan Lee.

2 Sodam Yat

Sodam Yat as new Ion

The protector of Sector 1760 has especially peculiar abilities. Sodam Yat was originally recruited during the Sinestro War years, where he fought alongside Kilowog and other lanterns. He eventually fulfilled his new role as the host of the Ion Entity, showing just how strong he was.

Kyle Rayner hosted the Ion Entity for a time as well, so he was requested to give advice and support to Sodam Yat. Yat is one of the few Green Lanterns to harness the full power of will in the Ion Entity, which usually resides in the Central Power Battery.

1 Dawnbreaker (Earth-32)

Dawnbreaker surrounded by constructs in DC Comics.

In another, much darker multiverse, Earth-32’s Bruce Wayne experiences the death of his parents and is subsequently met by a Power Ring. Filled with vengeance, he thinks it will be the perfect weapon to find and kill his parents’ murderer. After learning how to use the ring’s power well, he turns himself into an adult, fusing the powers of the Green Lanterns with his fear of bats, becoming Dawnbreaker.

Not only is this Green Lantern a dream come true for fans, but he may also be one of the most powerful due to his cunning and intelligence paired with unmatched, untapped willpower.

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